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August 22, 2013 by Anthony Ward


I once heard someone speak on Proverbs 28:20 about how a faithful man abounds in blessings. He went on talk about famous people who, came to work early, stayed late, pressed in, worked hard, never gave up but persisted through it all until they abounded in blessings.  The implication was that doing these things caused the blessing to come to them.  It almost sounded like they were now deserving of the blessing because of their great work ethic.

Part of the reason we say and believe things like this is because of the typical way we have interpreted faithfulness over the years.  We’ve interpreted it from the  standpoint that God responds to our faith, prayer and good behaviour by rewarding us with blessings. God does not respond to us, we respond to Him.  The fact is, faith, prayer and good behaviour are our response to what God has already done for us by His amazing grace.

When we begin to look to Jesus, seek first the kingdom of God and abide in the vine, we will bear fruit.

So let’s go back to faithfulness.  What is it?  It means to be full of faith.  Most people view faithfulness as  being loyal, committed, reliable and dependable. That is not faithfulness, that is the result of being faithful.

When we are faith full in something it will produce the fruits of faithfulness.  To be a faithful church member for example means you have faith in the vision and leadership of the church.  You are full of faith that it is the church that God wants you to be planted at. And the result will be that you become loyal, committed, reliable and dependable.

To be a faithful husband means you have faith that your wife is the only one for you.  You have faith in your relationship with her and you believe that you will love her and grow old together with her.  The result we will be that you become loyal, committed, reliable and dependable.

The same applies to being a faithful employee, team member, volunteer etc..  Being loyal, committed, reliable and dependable is the result of being full of faith.

So faithfulness is not about your behaviour but being faithful will definitely have an impact on your behaviour.

You cannot earn God’s love, acceptance or blessing by being good, loyal, dependable or committed. It is by grace alone that we receive anything from God.

A faithful man abounds in blessings because he is full of faith in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and not full of faith in himself.  Keep your eyes on Jesus.


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