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Hard core, non-relational, in your face preaching might work in some situations but not in most.

God is working in everyone’s life at some point whether they recongnize it or not.  And being friendly with people is probably one of the best tools for one-on-one evangelism.    If you are genuine in your interest towards someone as a person and not as a project and you listen to them long enough, you will discover where it is that God is talking to them.   Taking time to listen to people and to get a small glimps into their world is allowing God’s love to flow through you in a simple way.

The book of EGHAY is a fun, simple tool to help you pin point where people are at in their journey towards God.  It’s a fun way to turn your conversation towards God and His forgiveness.

As you open this book you find that all the pages are blank…. except the very last page which says the following,

God is drawing you to Himself through Christ Jesus,  He  is  not  counting up  your  sins and holding them against you,  He has cancelled them…..all of them…… and He has wiped your slate clean”.

Although I don’t want to sound too clinical, here are some examples.

  • You approach someone , whether a stranger or someone you know and show them the cover of the book Every Thing God Holds Against You.
  • Ask them what they think about when they read the cover.  Their response will help you pinpoint where they are  at in their journey.
  • They will typically react in one of 5 ways;
  1. It could make them think about their sin and past failures, but in order to avoid feeling guilt they avoid any references about God.  They will most likely push away the book because of the title.
  2. It could make them think “God’s not holding anything against me because I’m a pretty good person.  I haven’t done anything really terrible”.
  3. It could make them think about their sin and past failures and make them feel guilty and that God is mad at them and holding their sin against them.
  4. It could make them think about their sin and past failures and even though they are a follower of Christ they feel guilt and condemnation when they are reminded of their sins.
  5. It could make them think “I know I’ve sinned and messed up many times but I have been made righteous before God by the cross of Jesus Christ.  God is not holding anything against me, but not because I deserve it but because of  His grace”.

Once you’ve established where they are at in their journey you can then ask them to open the book and flip through it.  What is their response when they see the empty pages of the book?  Direct them to the last page of the book where it says,  “God is drawing you to Himself through Christ Jesus,  He  is  not counting up  your  sins and holding them against you,  He has cancelled them…..all of them…… and He has wiped your slate clean”.

Here are some ways that you could respond to the 5 different reactions;

  1. Ask them if the title of the book confirmed in them that the reason  they don’t believe in God is because He’s often portrayed as being too harsh and judgemental.  What did they think about when they opened it up?  Could they be more willing to believe in a God who was truly forgiving?
  2. Ask them, if they think they are a good person, where would they place themselves on a scale of 1-10 with one being Hitler and 9 being Mother Teresa.  Five, six, even seven?  Where do we even get the scale from?  Who determines what’s right and wrong?  You see, we compare ourselves to eachother and as long as we’re better then the next guy we declare ourselves to be good.  We need to compare ourselves with God and not eachother.  Compared to God even Mother Teresa comes up short and she did alot of good things.  You see it’s not your badness that keeps you out of heaven and it’s not your goodness that gets you there.  It’s by grace.
  3. This person is already tender towards God.  What did they think when they opened the book.  What did they think when they read the back?  Salvation cannot be earned.  It is a free gift from God that needs to be received by grace through faith.
  4. If you are saved and still struggle with feelings of guilt and condemnation you need to realize that since there is nothing you have to do to be forgiven and made righteous then there is nothing you can do to lose it.  If it’s a free gift to receive than it’s a free gift to keep.
  5. It will confirm in them what they believe already.

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