Enjoying God.  Enjoying Life.

“What is the chief end of man?”  In other words, “Why are we here, why do we exist, what is our purpose?”  That is the first question of the Westminster Catechism.

If you have heard of the Westminster Catechism you might know that it is a series of questions and answers that were put together by several clergymen many years ago.  They ask theological questions and then give the biblical answers.

The first question is “What is the chief end of man?”  And the answer is, “To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.”

What an amazing answer.  The bible describes to us the glory of God as being the manifest presence of God.  So to glorify God is to live and act in such a way that we manifest His presence where ever we go.

Throughout my christian life I have heard many people talk about glorifying God but it always seemed to mean “I don’t drink, smoke or chew and I don’t go with girls who do.”  I was taught that by being good and living right, I would please God.  And that’s what I thought it meant to glorify God; managing my behaviour in order to keep Him happy.

Now the second part of the catechism is hardly ever talked about. on the dock“To enjoy God forever.”  That is the best part and yet it is left out and hardly ever talked about.  We often say how we should strive to glorify God in all that we do (remember to glorify God is to manifest His presence) but the only way to really glorify Him is to first live a life that really enjoys Him.

When you discover what Jesus Christ did for you at the cross hope will begin to rise up in you.  Through faith in Christ alone God is calling you to come boldly to the throne of grace.  He is inviting you into His holy presence anytime, anywhere, no matter what you have done or no matter what you may be struggling with right now.

It is His amazing grace that will cause you to experience His presence, His love, His goodness and His blessing.  The glory of God, which is His manifested presence, will create within you the desire to, “Enjoy Him forever.”  Enjoying Him in your everyday life will glorify Him.  It will bring alive in other people the desire to know and enjoy God themselves.  The more you enjoy God the more you will glorify Him.  The more you glorify Him the more you will enjoy Him.

Enjoying God.  Enjoying Life.


Everything God Holds Against You

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As you open this book you find that all the pages are blank…. except the very last page which says the following, “God is drawing you to Himself through Christ Jesus,  He is not counting up your sins and holding them against you,  He has cancelled them….all of them… and He has wiped your slate clean”….Click here to read more


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